Our St. Louis Improv Coaches

Why we do it

We're in a unique position to help, so why not help more? We've seen how academic improvisation has helped students grow on and off-stage. They rave about it. Although it increases in popularity, it's an under-served team activity with greater, positive impact than any extracurricular we can think of.  We like making a difference and this is a great way to do it. So please read our blog. 

CORE Improv has been providing improv coaching to St. Louis High School and University students since 1999. Most of our coaches have been artistic directors for professional or collegiate improv troupes. Our coaches have performed with institutions such as The Improv Shop, iO Theater, Second City, Comedy Sportz, and CITY Improv. Members have contributed improv workshops regularly to the Missouri Thespian Conference, SLIC Fest, and the Compass Improv Festival. We can coach you too!

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