CORE Improv is proud to announce another season. Already, auditions have occurred and the weather is changing. 

Things have changed over the years. With the opportunity to work with several schools over almost two decades, it's been interesting to see some commonalities between the students that would not have been imagined when we started CORE.
  • More activities. More students have to join rehearsals late or leave early than ever before.
  • More collaboration. To reach a decision, team captains are less executive-minded and more facilitative.
  • Less email-based. Once, we could reach all our students in a group email. But nobody checks email any more. Now, we are more reliant upon teachers than ever to deliver messages to students. 
  • More female. Once, academic improv was primarily a male sport. The tables have turned in a big way. We have seen female improvisor numbers skyrocket. In fact, there have been several, great, all-female teams!