If you are reading this, you are wondering whether a school/improv balance can be done. You might be asking whether one will interfere with the other. I'm sorry if you have every had to make the decision to weigh one versus the other. Some would argue that improv is the perfect remedy to the stress and structure of schoolwork. But that's not why you are reading this, is it? It's come down to time. You only have so much and you are trying to "do the right thing" and make a mature decision.

There are three directions.
  1. If you cannot imagine life without improv, keep going. It's nurturing something in you and that's important. Because it is important to you, it will fit into your life.
  2. If you can imagine life without improv, then stop. You won't miss it. Sure, you made some friends along the way, and I know you are afraid to lose them. If they are important to you, they won't stop being your friends. Just don't make excuses about your decision. Just like improv, go boldly with your decision and don't worry how it will be judged.
  3. If you are not sure whether you can go without it, give it a break. If you were meant to keep going, , it will either haunt you or drag you back. If so, you learned something about yourself! Success! 
The third path can be scary. I took that path once. After I graduated college, I gave up on improv. I thought it wasn't in the cards, but for whatever reason, my life kept putting it back in my path. And here I am talking to you today.

The moral of the story: Don't worry too much about your future with improv. Improv will figure YOU out on its own.