So you want to put together a shortform show? Here's a list of questions that should help you get going.

Practical Issues:
  • What is the budget?
  • Is this a one-time event or are you hoping to turn this into a regular performance?
  • Do you have a space and the agreements to support that?
  • How many audience members can the space seat?
  • Are you charging for tickets?
  • Are you getting money for charity?
  • Who will sponsors or patrons be writing checks to?
  • How will you market and publicize?
  • How many performers? 
  • Uniforms? Do they need to be purchased?
  • Where will they sit when they are not performing?
  • Will you have props?
  • Costumes?
  • If you have naive games, where will performers go to ensure they cannot hear the suggestions?
  • Lighting? If so, do you need someone to run the lights?
  • Sound effects, video or music? If so, who and how?
  • Is this show going to be family-friendly?
  • Are there any specific socio-political messages you want conveyed?
  • What is the mood you are trying to set, other than comedic? (Nostalgic? Edgy? Trendy? Light? Chewy?)
  • How will everyone get on the same page with the vision?

Design Issues:
  • Will you be having a theme? (For instance, CITY Improv used to do shows called "Ninja Dojo," "Food Fight," "Comedy Rampage," "The Good, The Bad, and the Funny" etc. and all the shows were tailored to fit the gimmick.)
  • Who will manage the show? A neutral host, will team-members host it themselves, or will it be done some other way?
  • How will the stage and lighting reflect the vision? What needs to be done