So, you want to know what a Shortform Show will look like to the audience? Here are some basic components. The order and timing of these should be jotted down and walked out, from point to point, well before the first performance by all the performers. You cannot possibly assume every contingency just by using paper. You need to feel out the issues in real space.

- Call Time?
- Warmups?
-Presets: What items need to be where? Pens? Paper? Whiteboards? Erasers?
- Preshow: What will the audience walk into? Music? Juggling? A dark space?


- Context: How important is it (considering the theme and tone you have selected) for the audience to be informed about what they are about to see? How, who and when is context of the show delivered to your audience? Will someone explain the format and shortform to them? If so, who? Nobody? A flyer?
- Introductions: When / How / Who is introduced?
- Ceremonial: Will you be doing something ceremonious to signal the beginning of the event? (Comedy Sportz was big on faux-vending, the national anthem, etc.)
- Audience Warmup: Will you be doing anything to ready the viewers to be involved in the action?
-Blocking: For all of these points, where and when?
- Sponsors: Are they mentioned?

- Teams?: Is it competitive or a showcase? How many "teams" will there be? What are they vying for?
- Structure: Here are some basic forms:
  • Head to Head - One team vs. Another (Da-Doo-Ron-Ron or Mega Replay)
  • All Play - Everyone for themselves, but really for their teams! Elimination or point system. (Joke Round or Story)
  • Game vs. Game - Audience votes which game is performed better
  • For the Heck of It - Game played without any point value
- Order: Who choose games? Will the winner of round A pick games in round B?
- Scoring: How are winners and losers determined? When will scores be announced and how?
- Intermission: Does the audience need a break? Will music / refreshment be available?
- Blocking: Where do teams sit when they are not playing? Where is "offstage?"
- Theme: How is the theme used in the middle section?
- Sponsors: Are they mentioned?

Finale: How do you generate a buildup of energy?
- Thank yous: If you thank people, then Who/When/Why
- Sponsors: Are they mentioned?
- How do you announce final score and winners?
- Is there an exit sequence?
- Post-Show music?
- Say goodbye to the audience?

Post Show
- Cleanup?
- Notes?