I finally nailed it! 

So in the kitchen, I improvise, but I've always got one eye on history. When it's time for Daddy to make a meal, he has allrecipes.com on screen. But I will never, never, EVER follow the instructions. Not exactly. Just like with performance improv, I feel like I am always circling the perfect scene/chilli/burger/pork steak. Some of the trouble comes with memory - I forget what I did last time - which is where notes come into play. It's good to get notes and it's good to take them down so that we tighten the circle a little more with each passing. So here you go. Here's the perfection I found. I was excited to learn how simple a good porksteak can be.

I trust 99% of you will ignore it, but I want you to know that someone achieved something big today. Just give me a nod as you make your own circles, and take heart knowing you'll find the center someday.

Grilled Swobodasteaks

Need 4 pork steaks, 4 TBSP minced garlic, 4 Tsp salt, 4 TBSP black pepper, 4 Cups of mustard. Applewood chips.

Prepare thawed steaks.
Mix salt, pepper, garlic, pepper, and mustard in a bowl. 
Spoon and spread over the steaks, both sides. Cover and let sit in the fridge overnight.
Start soaking a few fistfuls of applewood chips in a bucket.

Prepare the grill.
Put a drip pan under where the steaks will go. Fill pan with 1/2 inch of water. I like to put the drip pan on one side of the grill and prepare the other side for heat. It will be indirect heat for 2 - 2.5 hours, trying to keep it mostly around 200 degrees, and keep spikes below 300.

If you have a starter chimney, get a load lit in that while you put a single layer of unlit briquettes down in the grill. Once the lit briquettes are 75% all white in the chimney, lay them on top of your unlit layer. Toss a few chips (from the bottom of the bucket, not the floaters) on top of the heat source. 

Put the steaks on the grill above the water, close the lid, and flip them about every 30 minutes  for 2 - 2.5 hours. Put a few more chips on every time you check.