There are a variety of reasons why students, teachers, staff members, and parents are looking for new or alternative extracurricular activities. Many have been finding a solution with improvisational theater.

Improv appeals to many because it resides in the gap between the theater department and the rest of the student body.  While walking into an audition for a musical or a dramatic role does not appeal to many of us, improvisational comedy seems more approachable.

Usually a student finds improv teams to be filled with people who have stepped outside of the expected - not just from the theater "clique." They are all giving something new a try and typically find improv to be valuable in a variety of ways.

To see a list of the benefits of improv, click here.

The result is improv finds a home in a variety of ways within high school and college environments:

  • As extracurricular ensemble teams supported by theater departments.
  • As classes within the theater curriculum, at both the basic and advanced level. (Sometimes students are required to produce their own improv performance as a requirement for the class.)
  • As a private team which happens to be made of students from the same school.
  • As a dorm, fraternity, or sorority team.
However you look at it, improv is fun, challenging, and makes a great way for students to get together and share a unique experience.

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