Individual Improv Workshops

This is a list of individual workshops we have already provided to students. They can be taught as single events as elements of our continuing Packaged Programs. We are willing to create new workshops to meet the needs of our clients.  

Standard, Two-Hour Workshops

  • Open Workshop for Anyone / Introduction to CORE Fundamentals
  • CORE Workshops -  Character / Objective / Relationship / Environment 
  • Improv Games Workshops: Brush up a team's game knowledge or learn new games
  • BUGIBOO: What not to do
  • Listening and Silence: Get the team working like a team, and not like random folks talking at once.
  • Sticking to Your Guns: How not to hesitate
  • The Game Within The Game: That mystery ingredient that takes improv from good to great.
  • Women in Improv: Is there really a difference in male vs. female performers onstage? If so, how do women deal with that?
  • Attitude and Presentation: How to hold an audience's attention confidently
  • Improv Bootcamp: Using tempo as a tool for developing players' instincts.
  • Longform Intensive: If your team were interested in developing a longform format.
  • The Harold: The most famous and one of the most challenging longform formats
  • Energy: Keep the thrill alive. 
  • Acceptance: Yes / And: Good for teaming. How to accept gifts and raise the stakes.
  • Ensemble Building: So, you have a good team but the players feel disconnected?
  • Getting "Out of Your Head": An essential tuneup. 
  • Mapping a Scene: What should a scene look like and what are logical outcomes within a given situation?
  • Host Workshop: Want a student to run the show?
  • Lights and Sound of Improv: Want the performance to seem like a well-oiled machine?
  • Improv and Leadership Through Communication: Not necessarily for improvisers, this workshop was developed because a client wanted leadership skills to be developed in a new and interesting way for non-improvisers.
Other Offerrings
  • Curriculum Design
  • Audition Assistance
  • Faculty Instruction
  • Season Scheduling
  • Improv Marketing
  • 5-Hour "Improv Day"
  • Summer Camp

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