St. Louis theater has a long tradition, and CORE Improv is proud to have been a part of it since 1999. We have had the pleasure of touching the lives and enhancing the skills of hundreds of metropolitan high school students, many of whom have gone on to Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles to seek their fortunes on stage and screen. 

But more importantly, many students realize the St. Louis theater culture is thriving, and often use CORE Improv as their gateway into the Gateway City's improvisational and theatrical cultures.

How have we been able to help foster that movement, from high-school freshman to active performer and lover of the craft?

  • Our coaching style:
    • With less talk and more application of skills than other theatrical coaching, students really get their "hands dirty" in improv.
    • There are five coaches to provide multiple perspectives, so there is a "fit" for every student.
    • Alpha-based coaching: students quickly gain an ensemble-and-audience eye view of what works, rather than depending on their isolated opinions.
  • Our network: CORE Improv offers students opportunities to meet other St. Louis performers, and observe different performance styles.

  • Empathy: Of the five coaches, all have performed on high school and college teams.

  • Experience: We can speak to the history of improv in St. Louis. Combined, the five coaches have over seventy years of academic coaching. Our professional involvement in St. Louis theater goes beyond that.
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