Packaged Improv Programs 

The following items are intended to give you an idea what we offer. It is often difficult to picture what an improv program looks like. we cannot over-emphasize, however, that CORE's intent is to customize a program to your particular needs.

Shorter improv programs, such as the Tester, Evaluation, Introduction, and even the Basic could occur within a single semester. The larger programs typically take two semesters.

If you are interested only in single workshops, please see the Workshops page.

For An Idea How to Begin:

  • TESTER: Two CORE Workshops
  • EVALUATION: One Free Workshop + 1 CORE Workshop + Analysis and Summary

For Developing Improv Programs:

  • INTRODUCTION: One Free Workshop + 4 CORE Workshops
  • BASIC: Introduction Package + BUGIBOOs Workshop + Attitude and Presentation
  • INTENSIVE: Basic Package + Game Within A Game + Women of Improv + Bootcamp + Longform Intensive + The Harold + Sticking to your Guns

For Troupes Expecting to Perform:

  • SHORTFORM SEASON Basic Package + 4 Game Workshops + Audition Assistance + Hosting + Lights, and Sound Workshop + 1 Performance Dry-Run + Hosting for 2 Performances
  • LONGFORM SEASON: Intensive Package + Audition Assistance + Hosting + Lights, and Sound Workshop + 2 Performance Dry-Runs + 2 Performances, Emcee and Notes

For Taking an Advanced Improv Team to The Next Level:

  • INTERMEDIATE FACILITATOR: 1 Free Intro Workshop + 2 Hours of Captain mentoring + 1 rehearsal observed, with feedback + Two custom workshops + Hosting + 1 Dry Run of Performances
  • ADVANCED FACILITATOR: 1 Free Intro Workshop + Audition Assistance + 4 Hours of Captain mentoring + Two rehearsals observed, with feedback + Two custom workshops + Hosting + Lights, and Sound Workshop + 2 Dry Runs of Performances + Analysis and Summary

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